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Live Music!

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Cedric Hantz

"Live music" That common saying may contain some truth, but these days the word "live" is having less and less to do with music. For a lot of people, a dj is their form of live music. Despite what dj's would love to have you believe, musicians make excellent entertainment.

In the first place, people enjoy human performance. Many musicians like great athletes are multi-talented. They'll croon on the tenor saxophone directly to your soul, then turn around and chunk out a funky rhythm on a Fender Stratocaster. Can a dj play a turntable behind his head or with his teeth? Professional musicians like to sing and groove on virtually any style of music from a Frank Sinatra to Outkast. They particularly enjoy playing when the audience is reacting to their performance.

In the next area, musicians are students of the arts. Musicians don't merely"push buttons." They have had years of training in their houses, and they do their thing on stage. Unlike dj's musicians don't try to sing or include other loud or strange noises to program music. After a song begins it flows into the end and in the unfortunate event of a power shortage musicians can continue to entertain acoustically until power is restored. Even non-professional musicians usually understand "the show must go on" concept.

Lastly, among the most attractive characteristics of rings as entertainment is the affinity between them and their audience. Watching a excellent drummer is never dull because they are constantly moving. . .feeling. An animated solo violinist playing with an older wooden Stradivarius violin has a far greater prospect of reaching into your soul and stirring your emotions than a dj with a range of magnetic speakers and digital amplifiers however great his system seems. It is an apple wanting to be an orange. It is the difference between human blood and power.

Contrary to popular opinion, bands can be affordable. Exactly like using a dj, finding a ring well ahead of time and securing them with a low down payment, the purchase price could be negotiated to avoid expensive or inadequate entertainment. Bands will even throw in a free cocktail hour or an additional half hour at the end to secure a date! Many bands are currently offering"dj time." This is when the musician hat comes off and the dj hat is put on to perform with the Techno, House, Hip-Hop, etc.. .Genres of today. Individuals who have little parties should appreciate these features of bands. However, lots of men and women who have large parties elect to have rings because they love the musician character. In many ways, musicians are the perfect entertainers.