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Discover The Perfect Place To Perform

Posted on July 10, 2020 by Cedric Hantz

As soon as you know what your Unique Selling Proposition is as a musician, it is time to ask yourself what type of venue you would like to be letting those talents out in. This is the process which can allow you to figure out your"Perfect Performance Venue" so you don't waste your energy and efforts searching for performances in the wrong location!

Take some time to do this visualisation. It is only going to take a couple of minutes, but you can go on for as long as you desire. Consider your performance, and imagine yourself doing somewhere. Now step back from this functionality but stay in the venue. Look around, and consume the setting, the place, the smell, the sounds, the dimensions, the facilities. Is that the sort of venue you need to be performing in?

Bear in mind that a venue is quite important. You might be so desperate to execute so that you could only play anywhere, but what about doing when you would really enjoy it?

Get a sheet of paper and scribble down exactly how you want the place to be, and what type of venue you desire. Then, from now, make a point to keep that list with you and read it over at several points each day. Keep it safe with you, and keep it at the back of your mind as you're doing something. Although you are not focussing on it entirely, it is still there. Keep it there.

If you do so, you'll start to see all types of beautiful and superb places in areas that you're in daily, but you just don't open your eyes to it. You will immediately be drawn to it and might even work on getting yourself a gig.